Here at Besa, we’re committed to making it easy for Columbus residents to connect with local charities that are meaningful to them. We’ve worked with individuals signing up through, managed team volunteer projects for companies, coordinated supply drives, and worked in a variety of ways to identify and meet the community’s needs. To date, we’ve curated 600 volunteer projects and have been the catalyst for more than $430,000 in goods and services being donated to local nonprofits.

Partnering with companies to provide volunteer opportunities for their employees has been a cornerstone of our model. But how can those companies truly quantify the investment of time and money spent by their employees in our community? Introducing: Besa Promise. Developed in partnership with The Columbus Foundation, Big Lots and Safelite AutoGlass, Besa Promise is a new, customizable software platform that will help companies better manage and track their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), grow their philanthropy program, and lead to greater impact in our community.

From tracking employees’ volunteer hours to a streamlined grants management system, Besa Promise is an intuitive, easy-to-use system. This software gives companies the ability to identify trends in its workforce’s volunteer habits as well as organize and evaluate grant applications. Its administrative capabilities free up time for the people managing CSR programs, which allow them to dig deeper into the community and find new ways to address needs.

We see Besa Promise as a step forward in our journey to bridge the gap between the needs of the community and the willingness of its residents and businesses to help.

Big Lots has already begun using Besa Promise to gain valuable insights, such as the types of projects for which their employees are most passionate. They're also leveraging the system to increase engagement across departments and streamline their grants making process.

We are grateful to our inaugural partners who were instrumental in the launch of Besa Promise and look forward to helping more companies address the social problems that define our generation.

For more information and to quantify your corporate giving initiatives through Besa Promise, please contact Matthew Goldstein, Executive Director, at (614) 302-1137 or